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I haven't been on the forum for quite a while, so I thought I would make a report of the latest happenings.
When I bought this Polaris, the speedo did not register mph but it did register hours on the digital meter. Anyway, after reading all the other posts, I was worried that I had bought a machine without working 4WD. I took it to my local private atv repair shop to have all the fluids changed and told him to check the 4WD for proper operation.
There was no problem with 4WD, to my surprise, but all the fluids including engine oil apparently had not been changed in some time since I was told by the previous owner that the atv had been recently serviced.
I changed out the brake pads and the hall effect sensor myself hoping that the sensor was all that would be needed for the speedo to work. Well, that wasn't a cure, and I figured at that time that if I wanted a working speedo a new one would have to be purchased. Due to the price, I decided against that.
Now here's what happened!!! About two weeks ago some of us went down to our hunting camp with our atvs. After about an hour of riding I looked down and my speedometer was registering mph perfectly. Earlier in the day we went through a boggy area and needed 4WD---it was fine.
When I loaded the machine on the trailer this morning I gunned it across the yard and it is still working fine. I guess my speedo woes are over until it quits working again.
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