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I am new to this site and I hope someone can help me. 3 weeks ago my xplorer 400L 4x4 was running fine and reached speeds about 54 mph no problem. I bought it a little over a year ago. It had a brand new fan installed but I was told I need to replace the temp sensor. The previous owner had the original fan wired to run full time. While riding 3 weeks ago I noticed the fan came on and a few miles down the road the temp light came on. I pulled over and shut her down. Apparently there is another sensor. It appeared the water pump went out.
I brought it to a dealer where they replaced the pump and wired the fan to stay on full time. I also had them install a new winch while it was in there.
As soon as I got back on the trail I noticed she bogged down. It idles fine and does decent up to 15 mph (It runs like a two cylinder sled with one fouled plug). It also appears the battery is being drained as well. I disconnected the winch thinking it was drawing too much but that didn't help. I also changed the plug. Any suggestions?
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