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2001 Polaris xplorer 250 blowing igntion coils

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Hello. New here to the forum. Excited to be part of the Forum.

I have a 2001 polaris xplorer 250 I've been working on for an extra kids trail rig.

So I baselined with a new top end, crank seals, carb rebuild, cleaned all grounds, cleaned up stator area, new cdi, new battery, rebuilt
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Problem is I fought weak spark for a bit then got it to run with a new ignition coil in the end. cheepo Chinese unit.

Lasted 10 min then went back to weak spark. No start
So I fugured it was a faulty unit. I put in another cheapo coil different brand.

My son was just driving it for about 10 min again and it died at idle. About exact amount of time it lastest prior. Back to weak spark. No start. The quad starts up from dead cold on first couple cranks. Runs very strong.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


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Thanks for the info @latebird.
So what is the exciter coil doing to damage the ignition coil? Do the windings get damaged/shorted or open?
Spark goes from strong white spark to pink/orange weak spark.
The first coil to blow showed a resistance of .10 ohms on the primary but not open like the original coil from when I purchased atv. Once I replaced it fired up first pull and runs amazing.
Only to do it again.
So did this fix your problem
21 - 21 of 21 Posts