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2001 Sportsman 500 4-wheel drive nubie

Hello to all at the forum!
I am new as you can tell. I got a 2001 Polaris Sportsman 500 HO 4x4 a late last year. She runs great except the right front hub will not engage (so I got a 3x4).

I got onto this forum because I enjoyed tackling problems with others on the corvette and jeep forums so much with others I thought I should join one for the Polaris. Hope to help those with my experience and I hope others can shed light on me when I fall short.

The 4 wheel drive is something I plan on taking time on before I tackle. I will however will be replacing the inner CV boot this week. It should be no problem, the other may be a problem since I found copper shavings in the hub, I assume this is from the coil that engages the 4 wheel drive.
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