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I have a 2001 Sportman 500 HO that has a Mikuni BST40 Carb. I bought the quad new and have torn it down many times. Last year it started spilling fuel out of the bowl via the overflow tube. I figured that it was the float needle valve and seat which I have replaced on one other occassion and bought a OEM replacement which I reinstalled. The quad seemed to run great after the install.

After about 6 months of sitting without running (and no staybil in the gas tank) I tried running the quad (my bad). Now it will not idle properly and has no power at top end. Changed the gas out, tore the carb down and cleaned (did not replace anything since the float needle was brand new), reassembled and it still isn't running correctly.

Question One: Where can I buy a completed rebuild kit for the Mikuni BST40 Carb (that is correct for the 500 HO)? The guys at Shindy who make the carb kit for Moose don't know what carbs the kits go to. They do it by model.
Question Two: Is the BST 40 in the 2001 the same as the 2002 Sportsman HO? According to the Polaris OEM on line break out it is not.
Question Three: How can I connect my standard Dwell, Tach meter to the 500 HO to get a tach reading?

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