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Hello I'm having problems trying to figuering out why my Polaris won't excelrate to the max speed, it takes off slow and then slowly picks up speed after a long distance it will then reach its full speed. If you give it full throttle it won't go it dies down but if you run it half throttle it will excelrate slowly.. Also it will back fire sometome... I have replaced the piston ring, carbrator, stator, battery, coil, ignation switch, CDI box and I'm still having this problem.. Thank you

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Pipe plugging with carbon is a common issue.

Engine Idles But Will Not Rev Up
 Spark plug fouled/weak spark
 Broken throttle cable
 Obstruction in air intake
 Air box removed (reinstall all intake components)
 Incorrect or restricted carburetor jetting
 Incorrect ignition timing
 Restricted exhaust system
Engine Has Low Power
 Spark plug fouled
 Cylinder, piston, ring, wear or damage (check compression)
 PVT not operating properly
 Restricted exhaust muffler
 Dirty carburetor

 Fouled spark plug or incorrect plug or plug gap
 Carburetion faulty - lean condition
 Exhaust system air leaks
 Ignition system faulty:
Spark plug cap cracked/broken
Ignition coil faulty
Ignition or kill switch circuit faulty
Ignition timing incorrect
Sheared flywheel key
 Poor connections in ignition system
 System wiring wet
 Lean condition

Symptoms: Hard start or no start, bog, backfire, popping through intake / exhaust, hesitation, detonation, low
power, spark plug erosion, engine runs hot, surging, high idle, idle speed erratic.
 No fuel in tank
 Restricted tank vent, or routed improperly
 Fuel lines or fuel valve restricted
 Fuel filter plugged
 Carburetor vent line(s) restricted
 Plugged or restricted inlet needle and seat screen or inlet passage
 Clogged jets or passages
 Float stuck, holding inlet needle closed or inlet needle stuck
 Float level too low
 Intake air leak (throttle shaft, intake ducts, airbox or air cleaner cover)
 Jet needle position incorrect
 Incorrect pilot screw adjustment
Symptoms: Fouls spark plugs, black, sooty exhaust smoke, rough idle, poor fuel economy, engine runs rough/
misses, poor performance, bog, engine loads up, backfire.
 Air intake restricted (inspect intake duct)
 Air filter dirty/plugged
 Choke plunger sticking, incorrectly adjusted choke
 Choke cable binding or improperly routed
 Incorrect pilot air/fuel screw adjustment
 Faulty inlet needle and seat
 Faulty inlet needle seat O-Ring
 Float level too high
 Poor fuel quality (old fuel)
 Loose jets
 Worn jet needle/needle jet or other carburetor parts
 Dirty carburetor (air bleed passages or jets)
 Fouled spark plug
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