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I gotta 02' Polaris Predator 50. Got this Atv with few parts missing and wires unplugged, and spliced from all over. Trying to get it back going.
I got all componets back on the atv. Got a schamatic. Got all the wires back in place. But still no spark. My question are:

How to straight wire the key switch, it is a 4 wire key switch?

How to test the coil, stator, and cdi box if possible?

Is an in line spark tester the one with bulb, for automobiles a suffice way to test for spark on this small of engine? If not any accurate alternative methods.

And if anyone has a schamatic for this model. I have one and it says the year model amd make but some of the wires are different colors.

All help is greatly appreciated. Trying to get this thing going and ain't having much luck.
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