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So I've read tons of posts on here with the problems so first off - sorry for another one.
I got this from my brother. R.F. hub was not working in awd. Took apart and was dry and everything was shot. Replaced all bearings,seals, clutch, armature plate,everything. Still didn't work. I've now replaced strut hub, outer hub, everything has been replaced except the axle. Plate magnetizes in awd but when put together I can stop the wheel. I'm at my whits end. 12 volts at plug. 23.7 ohms on coil side of plug.
I'm wondering if the splines could be worn down enough to not grip the clutch nut good enough? Tried splicing into the ground wire also. Didn't help.
Please figure this out for me. I've got several hundred dollars invested and I haven't gained an inch
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