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I have searched for some ideas on the forums, but do not see to find the exact problem, Maybe i am using the wrong key words.

In any event, I have a 2002 Sportsman 400. About a year ago, my speedo and odometer quit working. The odometer light still does turn on. For what i use it for, it is not a big deal and runs good otherwise. But if i sell/trade it, that will need to be fixed.

I see the sensor readily for sale on Ebay in the $60 range. How can i tell if the speed sensor (Hall Effect Sensor) is the problem or if it is in the Odometer itself?

Also, I seem to tear/destroy the CV Boots (on all wheels) on a regular basis. I have to drive through brush and clay mud puddles often. Is anyone aware of fixes/replacements that do not require the CV joints to be disassembled?

Thanks for your help.
Bill in VA
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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