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Morning folks,

Have a line on a 2002 Sportsman 700 twin for $2k (Canadian). Has the 2-up seat, LED headlights, winch, new battery/stator/flywheel, and 2 year old tires.
Known issues are the gauge cluster not working (speedo and odometer) and the choke cable is seized. 4x4 works, starts and runs well.

I'm looking for a general trail rider/bush machine, maybe a bit of light work (hauling my landscaping trailer around the yard, possibly slap a plow on it). I also volunteer with the local snowmobile club, so I'd likely be doing some mud/harsh trail riding when doing spring/fall trail maintenance, but that won't account for a ton of usage.

This a decent deal? Anything I should really keep an eye on? Specific pain-points?

Thanks a ton in advance!
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