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..Or maybe not. I'm not quite sure yet. I bought this machine brand new in November of 2001 and it has functioned excellent, until recently. Oh yeah, its a 2002 Sportsman 400.

First the problem was the machine would run fine until it started to warm up, then would stall out and wouldn't run until it cooled off for a little while. It is not overheating. I narrowed it down to a fuel problem, or in that area. At first I thought it was maybe an air filter problem. I have a twin air filter in it which has clogged up on occasions and caused the machine to not start. But so far that doesn't seem to be the problem. I sprayed some starter fluid in the carb and it did try to fire a little. So I started tracing fuel lines to see where they were going. I pulled most of them to make sure there were no obstructions. Now where I am getting confused is at the two lines that come into the carburetor. The lower one on the left side of the carb is getting fuel to it. But the higher one on the right side is not. I am not familiar with how these carbs work but looking at where the line goes to on the fuel pump, is this some kind of vacuum line that operates the fuel pump? I can't see any other way that this pump can operate.

Ok sorry for the long carry on. If my assumptions are right, what are the things I want to look at? Does the carb need an overhaul? It was running the same as always minus the stalling. Is there one thing that could be causing this problem? Such as maybe the air filter. To me it does seem to be air filter sensitive. I got sick of how messy the twin air filter was so I tried switching to a K &N but that hasn't changed the situation at all.

Thanks for any help guys!
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