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2003 600cc sportsman overheats

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I have a 600cc sportsman it overheats i am sure its the sensor in the radiator because the fan doesnt come on but i tested the fan and it DOES WORK so thats good but the coolant overheats and boils over im sure the thermostat works it opens up all the way at around 190F so if wiring the fan all the time doesnt work what else should i look at? the coolant doesnt leak into the oil i checked that already just wondering what it could possibly be also where can i get a switch so if it heats up i can turn the fan on myself?
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This is your 3rd separate post on the same issue. As I explained in the other 2 threads you started, remove the sensor from the back of the radiator. Unplug it and run a wire from one hole in the connector to the other hole in the connector. Turn the key on and the fan should run with the key on, all the time. If it does not, then you have a blown circuit breaker.
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