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My neighbor recently gave me the job of figuring out what was wrong with their ATV (2003 Polaris ATP 500 H.O. AWD)
There are multiple issues, but it is still driveable.

The first problem is overheating. The fan does still work perfectly, but even under no load at low speeds, it will still say it is overheating. Coolant is filled.
The second problem is that the high gear is non-functioning, and it is difficult to shift gears. At first, when you put it in high gear, if you gave it throttle it sounded like something was spinning, it was making a whirring sound. It would catch when you let off the throttle, and then it would be perfectly fine. Over time, it took longer to catch, and now it does not catch at all. This happens in 2WD, AWD, and Turf modes.

I would appreciate if anyone could help!

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