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Hello, I'm new here and I have recently picked up a 2004 Polaris Scrambler 500ho. First thing I did is tear the ATV down changed all fluids.. greased, change rear sway bushings, chain/sprockets.. I was stupid in a rush one night and put the primary clutch up on my bench. It fell off hit the floor and cracked the fixed sheave.. so I did little research seemed the Niche replacement has got some good credentials, which the clutch as a part machined looks great.. and it has been a mother lover ever since.. so I bought a new belt and my old belt... the fixed sheave wouldn't open up enough so I purchased 0.125 worth of spacers to open it up more.. still won't do the trick, the stock sheaves have a different face then the aftermarket but the base of the clutch is open from what I can measure exactly the same as the stock primary but it just isn't working with even the stock belt.. Has anyone used this Niche primary and change to a different belt? Seems like the niche belt is exact same specs as stock.. it seems like the difference in the face of the sheaves from stock is making a difference I don't know if possibly steeper ramp on sheaves from Polaris or what.. my clutch spacing is out a quarter of inch maybe a hair more but even the belt sitting out of the machine on the clutch theres a 1/4 gap between belt and shaft of clutch.. where as the stock will rub against and also have 1/8 inch of play either side of belt..

I'm fairly new to clutching so this is all new to me... hopefully get some help!! I want to ride!!!

Thank you,
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