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Hello, I recently purchased a 2004 sportsman 600. I bought it wrecked, the frame is bent/ broken, plus a broken balljoint and some broken off motor mounts in the back of the block. I’ve located a new frame and everything I need and am about to begin my swap. I thought some others may be interested in this while I do it, and also any input would be much appreciated. View attachment 135902
Here’s the bend and crack in the frame
View attachment 135904
beat up bumper and front , sitting on a home- made balljoint in this pic(was waiting for new one in the mail, wanted to be able to move it around my yard) View attachment 135905
Here’s my home-made balljoint (pretty much spec) hahahaha did the trick until my new ones came in though. I did try welding the old one for a temp fix. But it failed almost immediately haha.
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