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hey guys.

I just sold one Pred. and now i got my main bike left.

My goal is to upgrade to a newer quad, maybe a 525 but i do have to pay some bills first.

anyway i have this bike for sale locally, but i guess pred's arn't too popular around here. So i figured i'd put it up and see if anyway is interested.

One month ago i got the engine checked out by a mechanic. Valves were replaced, clutch is good, piston good, compresion etc.

She was my baby, so i took good care of her. Washed after every ride and greased all the fittings. Trail ridden only.

Chain and sprocket were put on last year, have about 20 hours on them.

I changed the oil using 0w40 every 10-15 hours, i had an hour meter on her.

I just replaced the front bushings, bearings, rear bearings, rotors, brake pads and a-arms last month also.

-polaris pure pipe
-ceramic coated header bike and heat shield
-aftermarket air filter
-front wheel spacers, 3 inches wider in the front

If you have any questions feel free to pm me.

This bike is located in Southern Mass.

$2300 or best offer. thanks guys

call/text/pm me 508 813 5323

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