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Long story, as short as possible. Had some brake and suspension issues due to a mishap by son.Had to replace brake line, caliper, rotor, and speed sensor. In order to do so I had to unplug ECM and brake switch connector to get to the brake distribution block. Everything was put back together, brakes properly bleed, confirmed brake switch was working. Went to start - turned on handle bar power switch, turned key, nothing, no lights, no solenoid "clicking, nothing.Checked all power at the starter solenoid and all checked good. Hours of tracing wires, checking the battery, checking connections, continuity, etc.. nothing. No "bags" under the front shroud with circuit breakers in them. Only breakers I am aware of on this quad are solid-state within the ECM.
At a complete loss...
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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