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The float valve went bad on my 2004 Sportsman 500 (carbureted). All of the gas in the tank ended up running into the cylinder and down into crankcase. After replacing float valve, I put a small amount of oil into cylinder. I emptied crankcase and ran 3 oil changes through it immediately (while idling) to flush the gasoline from crankcase. Engine only has about 100 hours on it total - hardly has been ridden since new.

When cold: it cranks fine and runs/accels fine both at idle and while driving at all speeds.

When warmed up: it only will idle with choke pulled out about 1/2; idling at about 1200. It also stumbles when revving from idle, sometimes dies. Won't idle at all without choke - just dies. Yesterday, after revving high, it backfired when coming back down to idle.

Couple of other tidbits: while fixing carb, I also changed air filter and fuel filter. For fuel filter, I did not use the Polaris filter, just got a universal one for small engines (doesn't seem like that should cause a problem).

It may be my imagination, but it seems like the exhaust pipe is much hotter when running. Not sure what it should be but exhaust pipe at engine port is above 600 F; engine block is at about 160 F; exhaust gas out back is between 350-400.

Any ideas before I drag it into dealer?
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