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So Ive spent the last two hours ready a post on a rebuild called the Fire duck. Pretty awesome if i say so myself. Ive gotten mine running pretty good, but have some charging issues. I need someone to tell me the ways to check all parts of the charging system to insure i get the right part instead of dipping money everywhere. Also, I have a clicking from the rear, hopefully u joint bc it seems cheaper than a cv joint and i dont know how to mess with those.

Also, i'm thinking of painting the plastics. I can't find a set of plastics and they seem to be way to expensive. I'm a career firefighter, not a doctor haha.

Anyway. If someone can help me with how to test my problems, what else to look into doing to my quad. and, the best way to paint the plastics i would be very thankful. I'm thinking black with monster graphics.

Thanks everyone for your time. I'm having fun with this quad and cant wait to get out and ride some serious trails and hills.
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