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Hi, my son has an '05 Phoenix (200), we had a problem mid summer with backfiring and idle issues which disappeared when we turned the headlight on. Assumed there was therefore an issue with the voltage regular. Replaced the regulator and it ran great (without the headlight on ;) ) for about a month, then with no warning the CDI box exploded.
So.... any recommendations on what to do next?
(I'm hesitant to install a new CDI without doing anything else, as I wouldn't want to blow up another one at $100+/ea. )
I've seen similar threads after searching the forums but I haven't found any real solutions / verdicts that were posted.
Thanks in advance.

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I understand your situation. Unfortunately these electronics fail for no apparent reason sometimes. All you can do is to check the wiring for a short and install a new CDI. Then when it will run, double check that the charging system is working right. I had a buddy's Scrambler in the shop for maintenance and after addressing the original issue, watched as the v reg burned up before my eyes after I started it back up.....Never found a reason for the failure. It apparently decided that it had been working long enough.
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