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I have very few hours and miles on this thing and it has gave me nothing but trouble.

Things that have been done:
ECM had recall done
Changed thermostat
Carb rejetted
Fuel filter

1. Hot/check engine light on along with fans not turning off. Does this hot or cold. Fluid is pumping and radiator is not clogged.
2. Bought it new in 2005 and it never idle correctly and ran poorly. They rejetted it. Still have to run with the choke partially on for a good 15 minutes in order for it to idle. Idle is set around 1100. They said they could not do anything else.
3. Hard to shift when running but not when it is off. I assume it has to do with the clutch alignment.
4. EBS squeals when going down hill
5. Rear master cylinder leaks
6. Does not start when sitting for a period of time like a week, summer or winter. Has spark, vacuum at port on top of valve cover but no fuel coming out of the fuel pump. Fuel is going to it from the tank so I know that part is good. Have to prime the fuel pump in order for it to work. Maybe a bad diaphragm? Well it holds vacuum so that kind of threw me off.

I barely use this quad and I have nothing but problems. This is my second Sportsman. The first one had clutch and belt issues. Went through 5 belts and the dealer mentioned something about me shearing off the "buttons". I do not beat on my machines. I ride them like most of you do. The reason why I bought a Polaris at the time was my buddy had an older one which had the solid rear axle and he had no major problems with it. He still has it. Polaris should stick to snowmobiles:D

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