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2005 Sportsman 400 fuel mileage ?

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I just picked up a real clean 2005 Sportsman 400 this past Sunday. Only 1118miles and the Warn winch has never even been spooled out.
I will be taking it for my first long ride this Saturday. The trip is about 70 miles round trip up and back with maybe 10-12 miles of pretty steep 2 wheel drive climbing and a small amount of low range 4x4 included. Will it make 70 miles on a tank of gas travelling at a leisurely pace?
The original owner said he could get 80 miles out of a tank with the 400 but his 600 and 800 were gas hogs.

Do these have any sort of reserve or is it just the main tank, it looks like the fuel petcock is on or off, no reserve.

Does anyone know where you can pick up one of those nice flat plastci gas cans for a reasonable price? They seem to be really proud of those things and they are only a piece of injection molded plastic! Maybe $2.00 in materials at best including the lid and spout......

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Nice clean find!!

Take a 2 gal fuel can with you, just in case!
I did my first trip Saturday. It was 52 miles round trip starting at 1500 feet elevation and ending up at just over 6000 feet at the top. There were a couple of very challenging boulder and rock outcropping passages that required some filing in with rocks before passage but it did great. I was very impressed with the Sportsman, how well it rode and handled the rough stuff. I did take an extra 2 gallons of fuel but made it all the way up and back on one tank of gas!
If any of you are in Arizona or ever get this way check out the 'Back way from Lake Pleasant to Crown King" ride.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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