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Sounds like a kid banging on a pot on the kitchen. Pang, pang, pang...

2005 Polaris Trailblazer 250 Engine Noise - Knocking Sound - Panging Sound
Noise goes away at full throttle but sounds very clangy at 1/2 throttle
audio on video doesn't really relay the sound very well...
idles down very slow
help me diagnose please - sound is coming from front of motor @ ex mani

thanks for the help in advance


Welcome to my first post here. I am Jeff from Raleigh, NC and thanks for reading about my problem.

I recently bought a trailblazer 250 - '05 model. It is my first Polaris - I know absolutely nothing about it. In fact, it took me well over an hour to start it up the first time once I figured out that the red light switch was in fact a faded out, engine on off switch.

Today is the first day I actually let it warm up and ride it, I rode it for about 10 minutes before I realized that there was no 2cyl smoke and assumed the oil pump thingy was not working so I premixed two gallons 50:1 (hope that was right) . And I hope that by running it for a few minutes oil'less didnt damage it too much.

I figured it'd be easier for people to help me if I posted a video - which does not really convey what I am hearing (thus) the pang pang description.


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start with the top. you may find a wrist pin bearing gone. you should be able to tell if there's a crank bearing gone as well by pulling up/down on the con rod or spinning the crank. running without oil is BAD.....
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