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2006 AWD does not work

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hi guys bought my first quad and found out the awd does not work. My first thought is electrical because the awd indicator does not light up on the dash. i looked inside and there are wires spliced just under the dash and in behind the fan. i am looking for a wire diagram and suggestions. thank you
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I have the same with my 2006 Hawkeye. Have electrical signal at the front diff so I suspect my issue is the knackered seals on central front diff letting most of the drive oil out! Driven it in 2wd mode for a year but badly miss the fwd in the winter. Just ordered new driveshafts and bottom ball joints, wishbone bush kit and front diff rebuild kit. Not cheap but selling it and buying again is way more expensive. Once all the parts arrive will tear it down and replace everything together.
Btw, got everything off eBay between wales quads in Swansea and various suppliers in USA and Canada.
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