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2006 Polaris Hawkeye Smoking

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Hi guys, I'm new here and need a little help. I recently purchased a 2006 Polaris Hawkeye with 1600 miles and need to fix a few things.

First off it sends off clouds of white smoke after about 20 seconds of running. Their is oil on the rear of the muffler and it may be down on power some but it's hard to tell never having rode one if it's running correctly. I have already pulled the head off, found oil/gunk on the top of the piston, and I'm pretty sure I need rings. My question is does this sound correct and does the hawkeye have valve seals or anything else I should replace while I'm in here?

Next there is some popping when turning sharp and when in 4wd. It's coming front the front and rear. I don't know if it the correct way to check the 4wd but I jacked the fron and rear up to see if all wheels were turning and the right front barely turned. There is no visual damage but what should I check? The rear turned fine.

Lastly, I'm guessing besides the obvious issues that need to be replaced what else should I replace while it's stripped down? I was planning to do the drive belt, clean the carb, grease everything, replacde the air filter, and change the oil but is there anything else you guys would recommend? Sorry if my first post is a little long winded but I'm trying to give as many details as possible.

Thanks Guys,

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Well I ordered rings, oil filter, fuel filter, both valve seals, belt, from the dealer and purchased a repair manual from ebay. After I get the motor back together I'm gonna check the drive line and order whatever that may need. My new question is I see on the diagram theres a oil strainer. I can't tell from the drawing if I have to crack the case to get to it or if it's easily accessible. I won't have my manual for a few days and would like to order one if it's not too hard to replace so any info on replacing the oil strainer would be great.

Thanks Again,

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