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2006 polaris Sportsman 500 ho Efi won’t start I need answers

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My 2006 Polaris sportsman still won’t start I have asked questions ,read every forum that I think will work
I’m just going to put a list of what’s been replaced up to date

Fuel pump $65
Fuel lines $80
Fuel filter $20
Injector $120
ECM or PDM (aluminum cast housing) $620
Tbap sensor $12
Tbap harness $112
IAC module $26
IAC harness $26
Atv will fire with starting fluid
Not under its own fuel delivery
Compression is 100
Fuel psi is 45
Engine only has 150hrs
What else should I do
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if it will fire on starter fluid i would say its a fuel issue 45 seems a little low for pressure i think they should run around 60 but i may be wrong on that
I’ll take the regulator off and try it
It's obviously not getting fuel , inlight of the new wiring harness , tbap and iac sensors & plug kits , I would remove the wiring harness and ring out every wire , sounds like sometning is mis-wired ?
{ don't feel bad , it happens to the best of us , lol }
Wouldn’t it throw an engine code
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