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Figured I'd be helpful and finally post something since I usually just research old topics. Anyways I was trying to find a fuel filter for my 06 sportsman 700 EFI 4x4, and it doesn't appear that anybody has posted a cross reference chart for it. After researching I put together a reference, but I still cannot find a local(autozone,o'reily,etc) part that would work so please pm/post if you know of one. Polaris part #2520464, transfers to a Bosch #0450905273 that in turn transfers to:

AC Delco: FS9128E
AC Delco: GF618
ADL: ADG02314
Alco: SP2060
ANT Filters: SP7012
ANT Filters: SP7167
Bosch: 0450905273
Champion: L150
Champion: L225
Clean: MBNA985
Comline: CDW13001
Comline: EFF010
Comline: EFF025
Comline: EFF142
Coopers: FIG7021
Crosland: 5004
Crosland: 6710
Crosland: 6805
Crosland: 6806
Crosland: 6810
Delphi Lockheed: FF0070
Fiaam: FT5258
Fiaam: FT5416
Filtron: PP829/1
Filtron: PP905
Filtron: PP905/2
Fram: G5540
Mahle: KL83
Mahle: KL84
Mahle: KL555
Mahle: KL573
Mann: WK55/3
Mann: WK512
Mann: WK512/2
Motaquip: VFF258
Purolator: F57318
Reisse: 48100003
Tecnocar: B56
Tecnocar: B57
Tecnocar: B67
TJ Filters: FF8160
UFI: 3151500
UFI: 3172200
Unipart: GFE7036
WIX: WF8101
WIX: WF8165
WIX: WF8316
WIX: WF8352
WIX: WF8361
WIX: WL8101

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2004.5 Sportsman 700 EFI Fuel Filter

My 2004.5 Sportsman 700 EFI Fuel Filter is a Bosch 0450905002.

O'Reilly crossed referenced it to AC Delco GF516 which cross referenced to Wix 33032 which they stock for aprox. $5.

I will check it out this evening...

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This thread is a bit old, but had the same need for a filter for a 2008 500 HO EFI.
As no resolution was posted, I did some research.

The Polaris 2520464 aka Bosch 0450905273 / F5273 appears to be an OEM specific part, as Bosch does not list it on their site, I also could not find a solid spec.

So here go's.
The 0450905273 has 8mm/5/16" quick connect male fittings, whereas the 0450905002 / 71015 has 5/16" nipples for rubber hose/hose clamps (older model years) Fuel Filters | Bosch Auto Parts.
Notice Bosch does not list the micron rating, but is verified to be 10micron.

A WIX 33199 has the 10micron filtration and was a direct fit into the existing filter holder, the filter body was just slightly shorter and .020" smaller diameter, but fit great. Discard the plastic fitting clips as polaris uses a different style quick connector.

A WIX 33425 also has the same specs as the 33199, but did not have it in my hand to verify.
The AC Delco GF561 is a interchange number, but their site does not list the filtration rating - however as it is in the professional line, I would guess it is the 10micron rating.

FYI, Microgard also makes a filter with the same 33199 part number, but I would stay away from this brand as they also do not list the filtration rating and have a history of farming to the lowest bidder.

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A caution on the WIX filters. I bought one for my 06 500, the fuel line connections wouldn't seat properly and leaked. Went and bought the Bosch/Polaris one an had no issue.

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Can't comment on the issue you had, without measuring the fitting.
I can say from experience, that WIX are at the same quality as AC Delco, possibly just under Bosch.
The quick connections are standardized from my experience, maybe you got a defect?
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