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Hi All,

My sons 2006 Predator 90 won't start always. We kick it and most days it will fire right up. One time we went out to the shed, fired it up and loaded it onto the trailer for a 40 minute drive. When we got to the trails and unloaded, it would not kick over/fire up.

This sort of thing happens often. We are able to start it up and ride for a while. Then we shut it off, it cools off, and then all of a sudden it won't kick over again.

It works, but then it doesn't. When it won't restart, we try re-seating the kill tether, flipping the run/stop switch, removing/re-insert the key, enable the choke, push the choke in, switch in/out of neutral... It just doesn't want to start sometimes.

This last time after trailering it home, I pushed it into the garage and let it sit for the week. The next time I tried to start it, you guessed it, if fired right up. Doesn't make any sense.

(the electric start never worked after buying it used - never tried to get that fixed)

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any response.

Another nail in the coffin.
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