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Hello. I have a 2006 polaris sportsman 500 ho efi and it died on me a few days back. Once I got it in my shop I found that when I would turn the key on nothing would happen. I put a charger on it and still nothing. I pulled the plastics off it and was checking voltage and found that I have voltage to the starter and the ecm board. I am able to turn over the moter by jumping the starter. The lights on the gauges finally came to life but it will die again befor I start it. My gauges are flashing and it says fuel on the gauges now. I have a new battery on it and have watched the power to the ecm stay on even when the lights and gauges are dead.

Any new ideas where to look. I am kinda thinking the ecm is failing but not sure if I am working in the right direction.

Any help would ge great.

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