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Please respond call/txt/email, not here. I don't get to this site as much as I'd like to.

Quad located near Doylestown, PA Bucks County, Southeastern PA

See here for photos - 2007 Polaris Scrambler 500cc 4x4 with GPS

This is the best maintained and nicest 2007 Scrambler you'll find. It's been my baby for years. I've spent more money than I care to remember making sure everything was perfect. This is my personal quad, adult owned, only ridden a few times per year. I put many upgrades into the quad not to make an unreliable kid quad but rather to maximize the power and handling it has while adding creature comforts of most high end utility quads.

I am a fanatic about maintenance. All my work is done by one person. He's a highly experienced Powersports dealership master mechanic. Here is a sample of what I've done within the past 6 months.

- New Rear Axle bearings - top of line bearings, fully sealed.
- Best you can buy ceramic brake pads front
- Best you can buy ceramic Brake pads rear
- New swing arm bushings
- New Spark plug
- Newly changed engine only (Pure Polaris oil)
- Newly changed Differential Oil (Pure Polaris oil)
- New changed AWD fluid (Pure Polaris oil)
- Full lube job on chain, all joints.
- Completely serviced CVT (upgraded also, see below) all wear parts were replaced
- Front wheel bearings (Inner and outer, left and right)
- New battery

I've also enjoyed upgrading it (not to be fast and unreliable, just to be the best quad I could make it). Here is sample of what been done recently (within the past year or so)

- Top of the line, waterproof digital display with multiple vehicle sensors. Features GPS tracking, Engine temp tracking, Speedometer, ambient temperature, Altitude miles ridden much.
- Complete EPI clutch kit, trail tuned. This is the FULL kit not the basic one most people buy. It has brand new Helix, Springs, Weights, everything)
- Nearly new ITP Holeshots front and rear. Correct tire size was used to ensure no drivetrain issues
- New ProGrip Pillow hand grips
- Anti vibration handlebar ends
- PowerMadd brush guards
- I have a brand new (not yet installed) winch mount (no winch)
- I also have a brand new aftermarket rear rack, not yet installed
- Aftermarket gas gauge

I'm sure there is lots more I'm missing but can't remember what else has been done to it. It needs nothing and is ready to ride today. It starts perfectly EVERY time, never an issue, has never left me sitting.

I can provide a bill of sale signed/notarized. I live next door the police station, you are welcome to walk over with me and have them run the VIN. I bought the quad from a guy in New Jersey where they don't issue titles for ATVs. If you want a physical title, we can do that too. I called the DMV and they told me how to get a title issued to a new owner, it's not a big deal.


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