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Hello everyone !

New to this forum so please bear with me. I went to 'General Discussion' with this question, perhaps should have gone to a different section though.

Our family has a 2007 Sportsman 450 which we 'inherited' from my in-laws when the relocated from Vermont to Virgina. We too are located in Virginia.

The ATV has run perfectly well up until about 3 months ago when we mounted the plow for clearing the driveway of moderate snow. The wench is Polaris installed by the dealer in '07.

We have great difficulty in starting and keep the the ATV running. Here's what I know from trouble shooting just a bit ago:

battery is 5 months old - showing 12v on a test 30 minutes ago - unable to check amps due to limitations of multimeter

on battery only - display does not display when in 'run' - key turn to start is dead.

jumping from a Nissan Altima - ATV starts (easily) and my son runs the idle up a bit - but as *soon* as I remove any one of the jumpers, the ATV dies.

can repeat the above step at will with same results (starting and dying) every time.

We do have a Polaris dealer locally, Virginia Motorsports/Ruckersville and I stopped yesterday to check into a voltage regulator. They only showed an ECM in their parts spec.

Any suggestions on what this issue my be or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Stator ?, Voltage regulator ?, ECM ? Solenoid ?

Kind Regards to All !

Bill Watkins-
Charlottesville, Virginia
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