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First timer here Thank you for having me.
I have what seems to be a common issue with these and before I spend the $$ to buy a new control module I have to ask the Experts. I have traced power
all over and this is a couple questions I have,
1st) I have not power to anything now, but at first if I left the key in the ON position it would click on the dash but then off again.
as if it was trying to power on then minutes later same thing.
2nd) I replaced the easy things like the starter solenoid and ignition switch at least they are new now Lol.
3rd) I have power (12v) to Control Module BUT I removed the outlet plug and tested on that side All but 1 plug on that side have odd voltages, the 12.19 is close to battery voltage at the battery I had 12.77v.but as you see I'm getting anything from 4v,5v,9v on everything else I'm at a loss is the control module bad or am I doing something wrong????


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Here is what is connected to each pin:

12v out on pin J2 pin M - yel wire to key switch 12v 24/7
J2 pin A, H and J - AC input from the alternator stator
J2 pin P - red/blk wire - 12v out to the ignition coil
J2 pin L - red/dk grn - should be 12V when first activated, but may drop to 0 after a few seconds - to the fuel pump
J2 pin N - brn wire - provides ground
J2 pin K - unused - no connection
J2 pin B - red/wht wire - 12v to lights, accessories and all things live when key on and handlebar switch in run
J2 pin C - red wire - 12v to speedometer 24/7
J2 pin D - dk blu/wht wire from the ECU - voltage input to control idle speed
J2 pin E - gry/wht wire from ECU - controls fuel pump on and off
J2 pin F - orange wire - 12v to tail light and brake light
J2 pin G - red/yel wire - 12v with key and handlebar switch on to head and indicator lights


Since ground should be on pin N and it is not when J2 is unplugged, it's hard to say what the readings should be.

First, plug it back in, then check for power on the yel wire at the key switch - turn the switch on and check for power on the red/blk wire on plug 1 pin F at the LH handlebar switch - when the switch is on, there should be 12v on the red/wht wire - with 12v on the red/wht wire, the lights should illuminate. Let me know where you get with this - the problem usually turns out to be the key switch or the connectors at the LH switch assy.
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