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2008 Outlaw 525 irs smoking

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So recently i sold my 2001 sportsman 500 and bought a 2008 outlaw 525 irs. Now im running into a few problem so maybe someone could help me?! So my first problem is i have a oil leak witch i think is just from to much oil but my main problem is its smoking! i have no idea why. When i bought the bike 3 weeks ago its had stale gas so maybe thats the reason why? I never drained the gas so i dont know. If anyone has a idea what it could be that would be great! Thanks, Nick
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More info needed!! Where is the smoke coming from??? Blue or white? Oil or rubber or brakes?
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The smoke is blue coming from the exhuast and its oil leaking.
Oil leaking out the tail pipe, around filter or out of the gaskets on the engine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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