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Picked up a used Sportsman 90 for $300 recently. Owner said the starter needed replacement. I was able to kick start it and engine seemed to run fine. Got home and took off the old starter and the gear shaft was gone. Picked up a new starter and and put it on to see what would happen. Starter sometimes sounds like it's spinning freely. Other times it makes all kinds of racket and won't turn the engine over to start.

I'm guessing the old starter gear shaft broke off in the engine? I removed the new starter I installed and the gears turn clockwise freely. There is 1 tooth on the gear that is stripped. I attached a photo of the stripped tooth.

What should I do from here? Do I need to take apart and get to the starter gears to replace and see if there's metal? I haven't seen any videos on the internet about how to take it all apart. Any help is appreciated!


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