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2009 Sportsman 400 HO not running

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I got this four wheeler starting and idling after buying it not running, it has good compression and engine sounds great. it will take throttle for about the first 30 seconds from a cold startup, after that it will just idle but not very well. if you give it throttle after the first 30 seconds or so it will cutout and the speedo will flicker

The following has been replaced, carb, cdi, spark plug and wire, coil ohms out good. New fluids.

The only thing left would be voltage regulator and stator/pulse ignitor.

Voltage regulator seems to be fine as it maintains 13.4 volts to the battery while running.

Could something in the stator/flywheel section be cracked and faults out after it starts? also is the stator in oil or is it dry?

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Stator (magneto, alternator, generator or whatever you want to call it) is normally dry on the vehicle in question
Stator shouldn't have any oil on it!!! Does it? How's the battery?
battery is new, will remove side cover this week to inspect stator
update, took the side cover off and found oil in the bottom of the case and oil coating the stator a pickup coil. looks like the crank seal leaking.
Neither oil or water will generally affect stator or pulse coil operation, but oil is a sign that the crankshaft seal is leaking. Also, if the oil seal is leaking, it may be due to a worn crankshaft bearing. Check the crank for any movement within the bearing. If ANY up/down movement of the crankshaft is detected, the crank bearings need replaced and the engine is due for a complete rebuild.
thanks, i cant find any play with the crank shaft. i think the seal failed from sitting and not being used.
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