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2010 550 x2 won't shift while running

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Hello all,

New to the forum.

I have a 10 550 x2. Recently has become impossible to shift while the motor is running. I have read multiple threads on the issue, and I'm still trying to isolate the problem. Here is what I have so far.

Problem, once started in any gear, (H,L,N,R OR P) cannot shift to any other.
Have to shut the motor off and then it will shift to any range.

Things I have checked.

Idle RPM is correct.
Checked trains fluid level. Full but probably overdue for change.
Pulled PVT outer cover. Belt doesn't appear to be worn. Drive and driven clutches appear to be aligned properly.
Belt appears to be centered in drive clutch.

Things I have noticed.
The driven clutch is turning way to fast at idle.
When I jack the rear end up it will shift through the gears while the motor is running, only when there is no resistance..

Any help would be appreciated. Only thing I'm unsure of is what to look for is belt wear. I'm a solid auto mechanic and know the obvious signs. Cracks splits etc.

Thanks, Cliff
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What does it idle at? Let us know that and we will go from there.

The driven clutch should not be turning at idle.
Clean clutch surfaces, replace belt.
Either your idle is too high, thus engaging the clutch. Or you have crap in the drive clutch not allowing it to disengage. You have to clean out all the belt dust, dirt, etc every so often to keep it operating smoothly.
The engine idles between 1740-1770 when warm, which is within spec per the service manual. Gonna order a new belt tonight after work and do a thorough cleaning. Thanks for the advice guys.
I know nothing about the 550's, but 1700+ rpm seems way to high to me. Almost all the machines I have come across idle in the 1150-1250 range. At 1800 rpm, the clutches should be engaging.
Mine idles at about 1700 also and so do a lot of other 550's. They just have an high idle on some. Check your one way bearing on the primary clutch and make sure it is not seized up. It will only turn one way and if it doesn't move at all that could be the problem. When you have the cover off start it and see if the sheaves on the primary engage the belt. If not I would say the one way bearing is bad.

1750 +\- 50 RPM is direct from my Polaris service manual. I have read on other posts that the 550's are higher than the other models.
It does engage the belt when u give it throttle. Then slides back all the way to the open position. I stuck my phone in and took a pic while not running. The belt is centered and not making contact with the sheeves.
Take your belt off. In between the sheaves is the one way bearing. The belt rides on it when the machine is at idle. See if you can turn it by hand.

Ok thanks, prolly won't get to it until Sunday. I'll let u know what I find out.
Ok got the belt off. The one way bearing spins, but there is considerable resistance. I think this is the problem.
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