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2010 850 XP problems to date -FYI

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ok, heres the list so far:
purchased it 2/22/2010 - paid $8944 and bought plow, and brush guards and front box and racks that added $1250 more.

1) on First trip a few weeks later Driver side A-Arm broke when trail riding, shortly after purchase, purchased a new one, no problems with that so far.

2) engine blowing blue smoke, after 5 months after owning, took it in for warranty they replaced the valve seals and associated gaskets. I also purchased the extended warranty for $1000 for fear of future problems. Thank god for that!!

3) two hours of riding later, after getting back from dealer that had it for 3 weeks, blue smoke again, this time worst. took it in again, this time they replaced the crankshaft(a bearing had spun), piston rings, and associated gaskets. keep in mind I now have 59 hours on it. it had the regular services performed on it twice by this point.

4) planning a big trip to WV to go riding, pulled it up on truck, power steering working fine, when I got there pulling it off truck the power steering wouldnt work, code 520230-31. rode all weekend without power steering, which sucked, but I drove 8 hours to get to WV, wasnt going home for that. took it in again, they said there was a computer update and they reflashed the atv, and it was working ok. this was in 8/2011. got it back about 10 days. WIll add that it also needed a gear selector switch, as it would say its in high, but was in low, low would say reverse, etc.

5) Got a good trip out of it in Sept 2011, although I did loose the belt. Figured that was going to happen so I had an extra.

6) fast forward to 1/2012. other than a few trips aroung the yard, no real riding. in the woods this weekend, easy terrain, four wheel drive quit working, code 520203-4. took it in again, now they say it is a coil in the active descent system that needs to be replaced. According to the mechanic its like a 8.5 hr job just to get it out, as the entire front end has to come apart, the power steering module has to be removed, transmission has to come out. the the ADC system has to come apart to replace coil. Should be under warranty again, but Im up to about 2 full months of down time to date, with about two weeks waiting. not good since I have 127 hours on it to date, and about 880 miles.

I think I have finally given up on polaris. I have been on 4 major trips with this thing and it has let me down everytime. Major letdowns too! Im 48 years old, take care of my toys, and dont drive like a raped ape. Suggestions, "Can-Am", "Kawasaki"? sad part is I will loose about $4k to get into a new one of some sort. Disappointing to say the least, not a rant, just facts.
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I would like to think that all brands have SOME lemons, but this forum is beginning to look like lemonade-land.
I agree with that, But do take in to consideration that the vast majority of people that are happy with there Polaris ATV are not posting on here "what great fun there having" And also the vast majority of ATV owners are not coming on an internet forum.......I know about 6-7 guys with ATV's and I am the only one that comes on a "forum"..and most of those guys dont use a computer to begin with.

With that being said, I have been on here since April 2011 and the majority of "problem post's" are about the 850.....You dont see half the amount of problem post's in regards to the 550 or value line. That might be attributed to the amount of 850's sold or just poor design. It could also be that 850 owners want the biggest, fastest bike they can get and maybe these bikes get pushed hard and put away wet...who knows...All we can do is observe for future decisions on purchasing a new bike. As it stands now, from what I have read on this forum, I would not buy an 850. I'm to scared of having to spend that kind of money on repairing a brand new bike.
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I still don't get it. My 2011 850 Touring is bulletproof. Zero issues, 2000km on the clock, no oil in airbox, excellent top speed (got it to 158 km/h GPS log and dealer confirmed).
Well said, people come to this forum to complain and not to say they have zero issues and the bike is working fine. I'm going to start new thread to try to attract people with 850 zero issues.
it is a weird situation,because my buddy bought a 2011 850...he beats the hell out of it (hes got money and very little respect)...0 maintenance puts it away wet and he has had not 1 problem either...
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