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My breaks began squeaking loudly a few weeks ago. The unit is 4 years old but only has about 200 hrs on it.
Never abused and barely driven in the water or serious mud. Mostly farm work.
When the squeaking began I pulled the front wheels, and tried to spin the hub / rotors and observed that the rotors would not spin freely or at all unless I forced them.
It also appeared that the pads had gotten very hot. Not surprised since it seemed that the pads / caliper were not fully retracting.
I bled them off, got the rotors to retract and went riding. Shortly into the ride, the squeaking came back.
I took it to the dealer who said I needed pads and installed the. Got it back. Same problem. I went back to dealer. Was told there was only one pad on each rotor. BS. Then they said I needed new rotors to fix the problem.
The rotors are nearly stuck. Seems like a caliper or master cylinder problem. Thoughts??
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