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2011 Outlaw 50 rear brake seal?

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New to the forum, but not Polaris. Replacing rear axle bearings and seals in my kids 2011 Outlaw 50, and came across something in the parts diagram when getting a parts list together. What seal is item 21 (p/n 0451781) in the attached parts diagram? Item 14 (p/n 0450430) are the seals that go on both sides of the axle housing to seal the axle bearings. Have no clue what item 21 is and according to the parts diagram, only 1 is required. I have my kids Outlaw apart and only had 2 identical seals pressed into each side of axle housing. Not sure if I’m missing item 21 (p/n 0451781), or not? TIA.
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I guess I just don’t see where it can possibly go. The backing plate just barely slides over the housing. Seal #14 goes into the housing sitting flush with edge of housing and backing plate. The picture below is after taking just the brake drum off. Where would seal #21 go?
The seal visible in the picture below is #14 that is inside the housing sealing the axle bearing. All I had were the axle bearing seals on each side of housing. I can’t find any pictures or videos anywhere showing the additional seal #21.
The outlaw 90 diagram is the same diagram but does not list an additional seal with different part number. Just want to make sure I get it back together correctly.
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That’s exactly what I was thinking. Some things refer to it as predator 50. I too have the service manual , and that’s where I was getting conflicting information. The parts diagram and service manual look correct, but then the parts list showed an additional seal with different part number. I appreciate the responses. My two local dealers were completely clueless.
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