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2011 Sportsman 800 EFI Fuel issues

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Hi everyone, new to the forum but long time reader.
I am looking for some advice on some fuel injector issues on my 2011 Sportsman 800 EFI.
A few years ago I had an injector fail and stick wide open causing gasoline to wash the cylinder wall and wipe out the rings. I rebuilt the top end and replaced the injectors with aftermarket (cant remember what brand, but I think it was an ebay purchase.) The machine has seemed to run fine since then but it does seem to run rich (mild unburned fuel smell in the exhaust.) And I need to stay on top of my oil changes because gas will end up in the crankcase oil after a while.
Has anyone had any issues with aftermarket injectors causing a rich condition?
I just had my fuel pump fail and I am considering replacing the fuel injectors again while I have the fuel system torn apart. Do you think they are the culprit? Can anyone recommend a good brand of injectors I should use?
Is this unnecessary and the problem could be something else? I am a little worried the piston rings could be the problem, I performed a cold compression test and both cylinders were at 145 ( I actually don't remember what the compression should be, but I was glad to see they were both the same.)
Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
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Compression results can vary some depending on cranking speed and should be done with wide open throttle. A leak down test can help pinpoint where the loss is... rings, valves.
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