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2013 Polaris Sportsmant 500 HO will not start

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Here we go.

I purchased a used 2013 Sportsman 500 HO (carbureted) knowing that it didn't run. The symptoms were when I turn the key, the display comes on (HOT ENGINE warning) but nothing else happens. No clicking or starter noise. The previous owner suspected it was the starter. I replaced the starter. Still nothing. When I turn the key, the display comes on but there is no clicking, nothing at all. I swapped out the ignition switch just to be safe. I then took it to a mechanic and he diagnosed a stator. So I installed a stator/rectifier. Then he said it would be best to install a wiring harness. So I replaced the entire wiring harness. Still nothing. The mechanic supposedly tested the handlebar switch and the awd/4x2 switches but I didn't do it myself.

Anyone have any thoughts on what this could be?

I would like to at least get some starter engagement but I don't know if the HOT ENGINE warning is killing the starter. I've never had a sportsman with a display before so i don't know how high tech they are. Thanks!
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First do you have on the red wire with the white tracer at the starter solenoid?
First do you have on the red wire with the white tracer at the starter solenoid?
Negative. There are two posts on my solenoid and a blue and yellow wire into a connector.

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okay, white/red is on the bike side of connector. Yes, it is connected.
is there 12vdc on the red with the white tracer when the key is in the "ON" position?
The white wire with the red stripe is the control voltage wire (has 12v+ when the key is turned to the start position) - the blue wire is ground, but it is not connected to 12v- until the display senses neutral light, park indicator or the brake light.

If you can measure 12v on the wht/red wire with the key in the start position and you are too cheap to take it to a dealer to run the diagnostics and repair the deficiencies, you can bypass the safety features by splicing a ground connection to the blue wire.

BTW - the 'mechanic' you took it to was a jack ass as the stator has nothing to do with starting - the stator is for ignition and charging the battery. If you still have the ols stator, keep it for a spare or offer it for sale on Ebay or Facebook.
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