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Recently water made its way into the Ace 400 fuel tank. We took it to a shop and they did not fix anything. I have since started diving into it trying to get it working again.
Symptoms: when first started on an occasion it seems like nothing is wrong and runs great. After about a minute it dies down and barely moves. You can hold full throttle and it barely creeps. Some popping sounds, etc.

1. Rebuilt the fuel pump with a new kit. It will pump fuel out of the fuel line when you disconnect it at the fuel injector. Now it won't even start 🤦
2. Pulled out the spark plugs, we get spark.
3. Air filter is clean.
4. Existing fuel injector when removed from the engine and hooked up to the fuel line does not spray fuel. Same scenario with a new fuel injector. We are getting fuel up to the injector and not past that.
5. I used a Noid light and it illuminates when the key is turned meaning that the electrical connection to the injector is working.

Is there a certain psi that the fuel injector sprays at? Could I not be getting enough pressure to operate the injector?
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