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2014 Polaris 550 X2 Sportsman front end

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Guys, can anyone tell me if the wire that goes in through the front end of a 2014 Polaris 550 X2 Sportsman is a single wire or a double wire? I damaged the wire where it enters the front-end gear case, and the exposed wire is all pressed together, (that's the best way I know to explain it.) It's hard to see if there are actually 2 wires that actually travel together or not.
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There is two wires - a power wire and ground wire
Best fix is to remove the front gearcase and install a new cover with coil assembly - #1 @ $505.00 USD

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Correct me if I am wrong but these wires are the wires that send power to the magnet inside the front diff when the switch is on, but what I don't understand is I still have 4-wheel drive even though these 2 wires have now meshed together from the damage. I did lose 4-wheel drive at first due to the naked wire touching the sides of the front diff, so I just pulled all the wires away from the side of the front diff and made sure no wires were touching the sides of the front diff, and changed a blown fuse and to my surprise, I have 4-wheel drive. But I do not have any symbol of 4x4 drive on my display.
That's commonly known as blind luck - milk it until it quits altogether then get it fixed right.
Your ATV apparently has Turf Mode or 4x4 LOCK - I'm not sure without looking at the wiring schematic - what's the VIN so I can get the correct schematic?
Yes - you have multiple electrical faults - you should take it to the dealer and have them correct all the malfunctions - to save time and money, you might pull the front gear case and replace the cover with the turf solenoid, diff lock and Hilliard clutch actuator. That will cost over $600, but save you probably over $1000.
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