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2014 Polaris Sportsman 570

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Sorry in advance as I am sure this has been posted and I am missing it but I have read several different posts that are SIMILAR but none seem to have the resolution. So, I have a 2014 Sportsman 570 EFI. The other night I was running the winch, after all was finished and I was fixing to load the four wheeler on the trailer, it lost ALL electrical power all of the sudden(work was done and had been for 10 mins). Identical to if the kill switch was off or no battery was on the four wheeler at all. My initial thought was running the winch, I possibly drained the battery (20-30 mins with short breaks in between to re-position). So, I get it home, tear everything apart to start checking for burnt wires, blown fuses, etc. and find nothing. Just out of curiosity, I turn the key and everything works as it should. It was late in the evening so I quit for the night, come out the next morning to put everything back together and check it again just to be sure and it starts fine. Proceed to putting it back together and before I get too far into it, I turn the key on one last time to be certain and absolutely nothing happens. I am lost and really could use some help or advice on if anyone has had this happen?

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Check the main fuse. Better yet install a new one. Not that it's blown but the contacts are not good.
Were is that fuse located? In the fuse box or somewhere else?
Fuse block is under the hood.
OK. I have pulled all fuses previously and checked them all. All seem to be good but I will try it to see if that helps.
Check for tightness. Just make sure there is good contact with the fuse and the holder.
I have 2016s, 570 EFI and I have the same problem. No notice and no 'low' battery signs. Just dead. Usually a charge and it's fine for a while, but without riding often they seem to die on me. Make sure battery cables are tight, as well as the things mentioned above. I've never had a fuse blow or been able to find a lose wire/ground to explain it. Good luck. If you find something please post.
UPDATE: I did find the issue last night. Forgive me as I am not sure what the name of the piece is called (almost like a circuit breaker) but if you are working on one then you will know it when you see it. Under the fuse box there is a piece that is mounted that has two studs, one each side. One Positive(left side) and a Negative(right side). There was a loose wire that would have never be noticed had I not been checking with a tester. I accidentally touched another positive wire on the same stud while checking and the power kicked on(I had the key turned on) and realized that there was about a 32nd of inch gap (SUPER TINY) and it was not making connection. There was 2 positive cables on the stud then a nut. Then another positive cable then another nut. The first nut was slightly loose and was causing the entire issue. 2 days of fooling with it for a 30 second fix. I was super happy with the outcome because it cost me nothing but time. Hope this helps for anyone that may have the same issue because it sure could have helped me.

Thanks for the help!!
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I’m having this same problem. Anyway you can get a pic of what you’re talking about?
I’m having this same problem. Anyway you can get a pic of what you’re talking about?
Lucas - I think corey is talking about the posts on the attached pic. I've had problems with things coming loose here as well, despite the use of external tooth lock washers. If you pull the panel in the front compartment and expose the fuse box, radiator cap, etc., you will see these three studs. One negative, one positive, and one in the middle - I don't know what that is for. This can be used as power supply for ad ons, like a winch. As Corey stated it has cables, then a nut, then additional wires (if you add something), then a nut, etc. They can loosen up.

Side note - I was working on something once and didn't disconnect the negative from battery, and made some contact with block with a wrench. Fortunately I only got sparks, but I imagine I could have ground something and fried some electronics. So careful when working around it. If you don't need the power on, pull the negative cable.

Hopefully this is what corey is referring to. Old thread, so not sure if he'll see this. Good luck.


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