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We ride water in south fl and last time out the popo started wanting to stall bad in water...
I noticed the carb drain hose is missing with a 1 way check valve.
BUT the screw is tight , so i would imagine that would not be a issue?
Am i correct?

The key ignition just so happen to also fall apart. I put it back together and taped it so we could ride the rest of weekend but it really got bad after a few starts i had to jump the starter solenoid.
Not sure if that could be it but the ignition is high and should not have been getting wet.

Another question is on the parts list it showing $22 for drain fuel line and $7 for the check valve...... Anyone confirm the fuel line size so i dont have to spend $22 + shipping on it?

Really could use some help. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts