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2014 Sportsman 570 Snorkel Kit???

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Does anyone know of anywhere to get a snorkel kit for a 570? Every place I have called (trianlgle, extreme snorkels, ect) have told me they have never heard of a sportsman 570. If not does anyone have any videos of how to snorkel a 570?
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Let the hoses go to the top of your risers. If you get water in them that high up you got more problems than that !

Amen, thanks!
Wow this thread is old. But lots of good info here. I'm gonna DIY a snorkel for my 850 scrammy.. wondering if anyone can point me to any DIY threads that will work on a 850/1000 or is it pretty much the same on the 570 in this post? thanks..
List of parts needed for your 570 sportsman snorkel

Message me for a list of parts you will need to snorkel your 570 sportsman. I purchased a snorkel kit and soon figured out I could buy everything at Lowes or Home Depot except for the Airbox adapter which you can buy separately from Rubber Down Customs Inc or make your own. I will check my messages weekly and respond as promptly as possible.
Hey I am looking to snorkel my 570 I have the warrior plate so far just need a list of what else if you could help
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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