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2014 sportsman 850 overheating.

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My sportsman 850 started overheating yesterday, is there a common problem with these? The temp. light comes on and rpm's are limited. I removed the thermostat and it's fully open at 180 degrees, radiator is full.
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Dirty rad
So your stat should open around 180. You know it’s working if you keep your hand on the return line and it gets hot around the 180 mark. Fan kicks on at 195ish and will lower temps to just below 180. If your fan isn’t coming on it could be your temperature sensor. You can unplug that and the fan will run continuously and that’s how you know it’s the temp sensor. If the fan doesn’t run, then it’s the fan. If everything checks out and you don’t have an air lock from when you changed the stat, then your rad is dirty.
Also, with your hand on the return you’ll be able to tell if your pump is working or not. Haven’t heard many problems with the pumps though, usually it’s a dirty rad or an air lock. One time a stat was put in upside down 🤣 since your symptoms started after replacing the stat, are you sure it was installed correctly?
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1 - 3 of 15 Posts