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Got a question relative to the "close ratio" terminology of the 850 SP vs the standard 850. I own the '15 850 Sage Green Model. the Model # A15SXA85AA indicates it is an SP model. However, when I look up the parts (ring and pinion) for the Front Diff, for that model, they are the same as for the 850 Sage Green. Where as there are two model designations for the SP, one of them having a different part number for that ring and pinion.
Always thought the "close ratio" designation had to do with the ring and pinion gearing of the SP.
My question comes from installation of tracks (which I am updating from my older 550) difference being the drive sproket sizes. Camso specs out different sprocket combinations based on the standard model/SP model of the 2015 850s.
I'm thinking my amachine should have the drive sprockets speced for the Sage Green model based on the part numbers of the ring and pinions.
There are other "parts" on my machine that are factory SP things. Thinking Polaris put this machine together from the parts available.

Anyone have a good idea of the differences that make up the close ratio designation?
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