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I just purchased the new 2015 850 SP. I'm looking to purchased a set of bead-lock wheels and try the bighorn tires. Looking for a little offset. Would like to go to a taller tire also for the purpose of rocks. Planning on ridding the Rubicon trail and Fordyce type terrain mostly.
Questions: Wheel bolt pattern for this quad. 4/156?

I'm looking for a Bead-Lock with the bolts recessed more and more bolts than the STI Bead-Locks.
Probably stay with the same size wheel as stock, : Front 26/8/14
Rear 26/10/14
If needed will change size, of course.
I have found some wheels, but most are very expensive.and more than i can afford. Would like to stay under $120 a wheel.

Has anybody tried the BIGHORN 2.0 or should i purchase the BIGHORN Radial tire?
RockymountainATV said to look at the Blackwater Evolution Tire, Any thoughts?
Any advice would be well appreciated> Thanks
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