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2015 ETX primary clutch

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Hey, I have a 2015 Sportsman ETX and it needs a new primary clutch
The stamp on it says 1323218
The online parts manual say it’s 1322682
I’m not looking to spend alot on it
Any suggestions for an aftermarket clutch, fully assembled?
I’m located in Canada
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The number stamped on the part of the clutch you see is the part number of the individual part - part number 1322682 is the clutch assembly and 1323218 is part of the assembly.
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HeyI latebird, thanks for reply
I do agree that the 1322682 is an assembly part number but I don’t think the stamped number is an individual part number. The stamp is on the plate that doesn’t have an assigned number in the pic below.
Any idea of an aftermarket replacement for the assembly?
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The parts in the pic without KEY numbers are only available as an assembly, but in the factory each piece has a part number and those parts (along with the KEY number parts) comprise the assembly part number.

I have never purchased an ECONOMY clutch assembly, but I have bought higher priced, more precise performance type clutches many of which are no longer manufactured.
Hey latebird, thanks again for reply, I keep looking
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